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Becca runs Zen yoga classes with a holistic approach to health and wellness. Founded on the belief that yoga is a beneficial tool for creating a balanced life for those who need to undo the unavoidable strains we place on our bodies through our everyday routine, her classes welcome people of every body shape, ability and life stage. 

Having first attended a dru yoga class as a teenager, Nomad Yoga teacher Becca tried numerous forms of yoga over the following twenty years, from hatha to yin, hot vinyasa flow to classical; regularly practising what she had learned at home when classes were difficult to find. Yoga had always been the perfect antidote to her career as a violinist and the postural and emotional challenges this can bring. She began teaching yoga to just two violinist students from the orchestra in which she is a full time member. It soon became clear that there was a need for the musicians of the orchestra and singers in the chorus to access classes in a way that suited their changeable work schedule, and the classes soon grew to incorporate administrators, stage managers and visiting dancers.


Never intending to become a yoga teacher, Becca neverertheless investigated training courses that would fit around her work in the orchestra and found a Zenways 200 hour yoga teacher training from which she qualified in June 2016. 

Classes are varied, taking inspiration from many yoga branches but usually including some flowing movement as well as static postures, breath work, meditation and yoga nidra.

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